The Future of Internet Communities

The past weekend I was at a workshop hosted by Sfm called the Elite Influencer. It was an amazingly powerful event for everyone in attendance and the facilitator, Justin, was remarkable and he did something that you just don’t see that often anymore.

What Justin did was help create a community out of around one hundred relative strangers into one group of like-minded people who had each other’s backs.

Now conventional society would look at this with very suspicious eyes, as in essence, each and every one of us in that room is in fact in competition, as we are all entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs (like me). So we should be competing with each other for business, or should we?

There were absolutely no feelings of competition, envy, jealousy, etcetera amongst the attendees, all of whom are Marketers. Now we all know how big Ego’s can get amongst the sales community, each wanting to outdo the other – competition. Been there done that and worn the T-shirt.

When I ask myself, Internet Communities, are they the future? What I experienced was only unconditional Love and support & collaboration, as everybody just wanted to help each other. The emotional charge there was overwhelming, to say the least, and although nearly everyone there subscribes to an SFM facebook community, most of us had never actually met in person. Like me, for many, it was their first event.

It gave me a sense of hope and realization that in this digital age we all still need a hug and person to person contact. I hadn’t felt this sense of community since I was a child living at home, as back then we all knew our neighbors, we would talk to each other and God forbid, we actually used to visit each other’s houses and yes even borrow sugar and milk.

I now live in an estate and out of about thirty houses, I know the people in four of them, and we only ever visit one, and they us. It is quite sad to see as I don’t know the other people at all. We never speak, we never greet each other, and everyone has doors closed tight and curtains were drawn. Now, yes a lot of the houses are rented and many of the tenants don’t stay very long, but even the ones who have been here for a few years are still strangers to me & I to them.

The kids do still play on the street, but I hardly ever see an adult out and about, even on good days in the summer, doors where closed, TV’s where on and everyone was stuck to their smartphones.

I used to blame the internet for this, but now I am starting to rethink that maybe the internet can be our saving grace. If an online digital marketing company can bring together a hundred relative strangers, who never met, put them in a room and two days later we are all one big family, then there is magic there. Internet Communities, are they the future? Hell yes, they are!!

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