Start Your Own Fundraiser

Most of us are familiar with a nonprofit or two that does work that’s in line with our values. Whether it’s an organization that supports immigrant families, the LGBTQ community, or domestic violence survivors in your hometown, there are plenty of nonprofits doing great work that rely on donations in order to survive.

If no specific organization comes to mind, you can check out the Giving Tuesday site to find nonprofits in your neighborhood, or browse a third-party databases, like Mighty Cause, to search for nonprofits by location and type. If transparency is a concern, check out, which produces reports about organizations and evaluates them based on accountability.

If you’re able to, consider volunteering your time on Tuesday. Though Giving Tuesday is primarily an online event, there are plenty of organizations that are in need of hands-on help. Rolling your sleeves up can be particularly fulfilling way to give back.

If you have a Facebook account, one great way to elevate your efforts on Giving Tuesday is to start a fundraiser for your favorite nonprofit.

All you have to do is head over to Facebook and click ‘Fundraisers’ on the left-hand side of the screen under the Explore tab. From there, see options to start a fundraiser for  This year, Facebook and PayPal will be matching donations up to a total of $7 million. You can learn more about how to start a fundraiser and how your efforts will be matched on the site.

If you’re not financially able to give as much as you’d like this year, one thing that’s free and can be helpful is boosting posts on your social media.

Use the hashtag to write about what you’re doing, retweet and repost social media posts from nonprofits and charities — whether they’re the ones you’re financially supporting or not. Whenever possible, use your platform to give nonprofits some extra love.

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